Removing a Datastore from vSphere 5.x

I’m in the process of merging datastores at the moment as we seem to be generating some mammoth sized VMs and we’re fast approaching capacity. Amongst other servers our Exchange box is approaching 1TB and we have various other platforms requiring some large amounts of space. Bearing in mind we need to keep some free space to ensure servers don’t actually stop running and we also need space for things like snapshots and backups, it’s got to the point where something has to be done.

I know that it’s not just a case of right clicking and unmounting datastores as that runs a high risk of causing APD. We’ve experienced APD not so long ago and that’s not something I wanted to go through again so I needed some instructions on how to do it cleanly and how to avoid a nightmare scenario.

Thankfully I came across this excellent guide on how to achieve just that written by Jerry Wilkin. And be sure to bookmark this blog as there’s some other handy tutorials and articles you might find useful (especially if you’re into guitars).