SRM 5.1 – 404 errors and Pairing Issues

I’ve spent a good hour or two trying to work this one out and so it’s documented and I don’t forget here’s the skinny.

We’re having some SSO issues at our BC site and I’ve spent the morning reinstalling all the vSphere and SRM components and checking everything along the way: FQDN, IP’s, SSO username and password – everything. It’s still not working as intended and there’s a ‘failed to initialize services‘ banner message we’re troubleshooting at the moment.

In the meantime one of the virtual hard disks that one of our many Exchange DB’s sits on had run out of space and needed expanding by a few GB. In this situation we disable replication on the disk in question and simply increase it a little and then expand it in the OS. Except when I tried to connect to SRM after the aforementioned reinstall I was presented with a “Lost connection to SRM server, the remote server returned an error 404” message.

Not ideal.

So the troubleshooting began and I ended up checking out the log files on the SRM server where the SRM application is installed (we use VR and so have the appliance installed as well) – in case you need to know they’re located in C:ProgramDataVMwareVMware vCenter Site Recovery ManagerLogs and you might have to display hidden files and folders.

If you see this message: Registration with the local VC server is not valid then you have two choices. You can take a look at this KB over at VMware and try to re-establish the credentials between vCenter Server and the SRM server or you can take option two, as I did, and reinstall the SRM application. When you do uninstall, DO NOT check the box that asks you to remove the database because you’ll essentially be wiping your SRM install clean. DO make sure you have you SQL credentials at hand, though. This ensures all of your SRM data will remain in place.

When you’re done, reboot the SRM servers, the appliances and reconfigure the two sites again.

Happy days.