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We’ve moved.

So we did it. We finally made the move to Lahndaaaaahn. Well, Surbiton actually but it’s close enough. The move on the whole went without a hitch, just the usual panic about not getting everything packed in time and the removal dudes running off with our stuff but none of that actually happened and the removal dudes did a sterling job. It’s been a week now and ‘er indoors has pretty much got the place looking ship shape and Bristol fashion. I’m best off out of the way. Menfolk will know what I’m talking about.

Other than the usual BT home movers drama my new job at VMware is awesome. I can’t tell you anything about it but needless to say I’m having the time of my life and it’s only been 5 days! And my girlfriend managed to find a job first time around as well. First interview, BAM! And she got the job.

Too much awesome.

August 2012 House Mix


I’m told the Sun is on it’s way over here in the UK so in anticipation I’ve put together a 40min ish house mix. I think you’ll like it, it gave me a wry smile on the way to work this morning. And considering I hadn’t had any breakfast or coffee yet, that’s no mean feat.


Alexander Fog – Check This Out (Original Mix)
Fullhouse – Move On (Original Mix)
Leftwing, Kody – Feel So Free (Original Mix)
Luigi Rocca Vs. Piatto – Higher Feeling (Original Mix)
Julio Bashmore – Au Seve (Original Mix)
Umek, Mike Vale – Chosen (Original Mix)
DJ Chus & D-Unity – Burn In Hell
Dirty Loud – Disco Records (Glitter Remix)
Labtracks – Robotic Love (Emil Gallier Remix)
Angel Sanchez Feat. Belinda & Aurora Cati – Cashanova (Original Mix)
Dave Rose, DJ Deka – You Better (Original Mix)
Kiko – Beem (Original Mix)
Scandal – Just Let Me Dance (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
Tone Depth & Anthony Attalla – Lionel Cookie

320kbps available to Download here.


Techno & House Mix – April 2012


Here’s a mix I did for the Empathy 11th Birthday DJ Competition. Deadline has now passed so here it is ready for you lot to get your grubby mitts all over it.


Christian Vance – Step 3000 (Kirk Degiorgio Remix) – Step 3000
J Alexander – Phased (Alex Q Remix) – Phased (FER 014)
Eveline Fink – Loose Powder – Hula Hoop EP (ENOUGH 001)
Someone Else – Heartless (Tleilaxu Remix) – Heartless EP (FOUND 025)
Alexey Volkov – Corner – Dust EP
Agony Forces – Polar Era – Polar Era
Seph – Moon Flare – Harry Klein Records 006
DJ W!ld – Rua Augusta – Harry Klein Records 006
Zoe Xenia and Jade Mantis – Never Been – Behind The Mind (1532001)
Sone – Bunker (John Massey Remix) – Catharsis: The Remixes (FR0-1 0.012v)
Nima Khak – Red One – 15 Years Of Drumcode (DCCD06)
Mike Wall – Cosmic Kick – Out of Fire EP (018HR, 013HR-vinyl)
Chris Liebing and Brian Sanhaji – The Undertaking – 15 Years Of Drumcode (DCCD06)
Craig McWhinney – Divinity (Echologists Divine Intervention) – Divinity (HAV 002)
Matteo Gatti – Atomo – Awanagana EP (ALCDG024)
Cari Lekebusch – Slipped Strand Mispair – H-Productions presents_Mutations 101 (HPX60)
Little Fritter – Got More – Affin 100 (AFFIN 100)
Hawkinson – Unterholz – Stillleben EP (PHK 023)
The Advent and Jason Fernandes – Rocket Science – 15 Years Of Drumcode (DCCD06)

Enjoy: Download

Moifs Big Traks – 150811 – House


You might notice that at the start of this two hour mix that there are a couple of suspect tunes. For that I apologise but I didn’t have time to fully prepare and a couple of those dodgy tunes made it in to the mix. I tried to rectify as soon as possible but if your ears start screaming at you then do try and stick with it because there are some proper excellent tunes in this weeks show and it’ll all be worth it in the end. Promise.

2Robots – Alkaline (Beeswax Remix)
G Morrison Circles Deadmau5 remix vs Rozalla vs Rob Nutek (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Francygroove – Mystery (Stage Extended Remix)
Koer – Metabolism (Original Mix)
Q.U.A.K.E – Moema (Original Mix)
Rob Small – Sometimes (Ant Brooks Remix)
Sharam Jey Soundz Fresh – Lets Get It On (Jean Claude Ades Remix)
Alexander Fog – Check This Out (Original Mix)
Djeep Rhythms – Dancing With You (Original Mix)
Dbn, Tim Shark – La Funk Feat Shena (Marco Lys Dub)
DJ Fist – Suppabass (George F Tekkman Psycho Remix)
Hollen – Dry Comfort (Original Mix)
Eduard GK – Freaky Room (Dj Simi Remix)
Flex – Short Story
M.I.T. – Positron (Original Mix)
Tone Depth & Anthony Attalla – Lionel Cookie
Nuta Cookier – Cohiba (Axel Karakasis Remix)
Ahmet Sendil – Ring Cadet (George F Tekkman Ringer Remix)
Atlantic Ocean – Waterfall 2011 (Dave Moreaux Remix)
David Amo, Julio Navas & Mar-T – People From Ibiza (Terrace Mix)
Patrick M – Carwashgirl (Original Mix)
Re-Zone & Zmey – Jumping Around The World (Original Mix)
SG – Wont You Come (Serge Devant Remix)
Tommy Vee Mr V – Bang Bang (Keller Dub Mix)
Tigran Oganezov – Sexciter (Aqua & Arctic Remix)
Dopamine – Demon
Angel D & Daniele Petronelli – Iko Iko (Min & Mal Remix)
Kaiserdisco – Ondina
Gaga,Mateo and Spirit – Coke (Ted Dettman Remix)
Orbital – Belfast (Dopamine Remix)
Nari & Milani – Kendo (Original Mix)
Fabian Schumann & Dominic Depont – Nostrum (Original Mix)
David Tort – Jack It Up (Original Mix)
LIO, Carlo – Finders Keepers
Matt Caseli and Danny Freakazoid – Raise Your Hands (Original Mix)


Download (Duration: 1:59:12 — 163.7MB)


[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/21223416″]


Moifs Big Traks – 060611 – House & Techno

Aki Bergen – Into My Soul feat. Carmen Sherry (Original Mix)
Filtertypen – The Bird (Original Mix)
Hauftour – Mind Against
Andrea Oliva – Sense Of Substance
Laid Back vs. Soul Clap – Cocaine Cool (Soul Clap Dub Remix)
Quenum – Boomerang
Dama – Calling
Max Cavalerra – Beyond The Skyline
Tomoyuki Sakakida – Furaibow (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
Soundprank – Burner (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
Rhauder & Paul Brtschitsch – Retuned
Dub Dummies – Mantra (Phil Kieran Remix )
Mumbai Science – Gold (Original Mix)
Benny Rodrigues – Dimitri (Phase One Edit) (Russ Gabriel Remix)
Gary Beck – Egoist (Speedy J Dub Tool)
Andres Zacco – After That
Sigha – HF029A1
J Alexander – Directions (Vince Watson Mix)
Roberto – Logical Progression (Steve Rachmad Remix)
Shifted – Control
Ivo Foreal – Medias (Stefan Vincent Remix)
Samuel Fach – Simple Plesure
J. Flannan – Magnetic Warp
Jay Lumen – Instincts (Original Mix)
Lutzenkirchen, Felix Baumgartner – The Vibe (Broombeck Remix)
Max Freegrant – Miss You (Original Mix)
Sasha Carassi – Minerals (Oringinal Mix)
X-Press 2 – Opulence (Sonny Wharton Remix)
Maxime Dangles – Astroneff (Original Mix)
Dataworx – Flight 1605 (Manuel De La Mare Intro Remix)
Alex Di Stefano – Back Again (Original Mix)

Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:03:30 — 226.2MB)